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October 2017 Newsletter: Stealth Pathogens, Breast Cancer Awareness, Bone Broth and Collagen

Stealth Pathogens! Sounds scary, like something out of a horror movie. Well, it is and is something that I definitely see with my clients. One of my colleagues Kerry Bone captures the essence of it by calling it “NBWS.” A clue to when a stealth pathogen is involved is when the client says, “I’ve never been well since…” This will be the topic of my next Open House – November 16 at 7:00 – and we’ll be back at my office at 10040 N. Port Washington Road in Mequon. 

The new nutrition buzz words are bone broth and collagen. What is this all about? See below.

The Jewish Holidays continue during the month of October and as such the office will be closed and I will be unavailable from late afternoon Wednesday October 4 through Saturday October 7 and again the following week from late afternoon Wednesday October 11 through the morning of Monday October 16. So, please plan accordingly if you need supplements!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October is breast cancer awareness month. Awareness includes both prevention and detection. It seems mainstream medicine focuses on detection and use of mammograms. And, as it seems with all health related issues there are multiple perspectives. Are mammograms safe? Are they effective? How often should they be done? Is thermography a viable alternative?

On October 10, Jenny Steger from The Longevity Center will be offering thermal scans at my office. DITI (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging or Thermography) is a non-invasive diagnostic technique that allows the examiner to visualize and quantify changes in skin surface temperature. An infrared scanning device is used to convert infrared radiation emitted from the skin surface into electrical impulses that are visualized in color on a monitor. This visual image graphically maps the body temperature and is referred to as a thermogram

To learn more about The Longevity Center and thermography and to set an appointment click here:

As mentioned above there is some controversy regarding the safety and effectiveness of mammograms. From GreenMed Info here’s

New Products Collagen Bone Broth
The new buzz words in nutrition are bone broth and collagen. Of course, to those of you familiar with the Weston Price Foundation this is nothing new to you! But for the rest of the world it is big news and naturally along with that comes the mass marketing and mass production of products! And with this comes the marketing hype. And with this is some truth and of course some deception. 

To help my clients get the best products on the market I did some extensive research and I am now a distributor for Vital Proteins. For more information on Vital Proteins click here:

Vital Proteins has a line of products that includes powders of beef collagen, fish collagen, beef bone broth, chicken bone broth, and whey protein with collagen. What’s unique about Vital Proteins is that the base ingredients are organic chickens, grass-fed and pastured beef, and wild fish. This is not the case with most of the competition and particularly some of the leading brands.

For an overview of what these products are read my article about bone broth and collagen by clicking here:

Or, if you like, give me a call and I’ll explain it to you.

Another Parasite Case Resolved!
Hi Bernie, I wanted to share with you that I had Hydro therapy today and no visible worms! This is great news the [remedies] are working! I hope I test the same with you when I see you! Had to share, you're one of few I can tell! Hope you have a great evening!

Bone Broth and Collagen – The “Hottest Trend” in Health

It seems all you hear about on all the leading health sites these days is bone broth and collagen. Celebrities and athletes are endorsing it and bone broth cafes are becoming part of coffee shops in major cities. Dr. Oz, Dr. Axe, Dr. Mercola are all on the bandwagon. Of course, those of us who are members of the Weston Price Foundation have known about all the benefits of bone broth for years!

Let’s start with bone broth. Quite simply it is made from simmering bones for 12-24 hours. Predominantly beef, chicken, and fish are used. Bone broth is rich in nutrients which are typically not a major part of modern diets including key minerals, collagen, gelatin, glucosamine and chondroitin. Thus, it supports a wide range of the body systems including the digestive system; the immune system; joints and muscles; skin, hair, and nails; and our overall metabolism.

Among these nutrients are the glycosaminoglycans (aka GAGs) which include glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin sulfate. Glucosamine supports the integrity of our cartilage providing joint health, flexibility, and comfort. Hyaluronic acid is found in our connective, skin, and neural tissues. This supports healthy aging, cell rejuvenation, and skin firmness. Chondroitin is found in cartilage. It supports joint health and comfort and is needed for a healthy inflammation response. The key minerals found in bone broth include calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. These support a variety of functions including circulation, bone density, nerve signaling, heart health, and digestive health.

And then there’s collagen! Collagen is the main structural protein found in our bodies. It forms connective tissue, protects our mucosal lining and acts as a sealant to the gastrointestinal tract. There are 19 amino acids in collagen. It is important to understand that for full digestion of collagen the stomach must be able to reach proper acidity! This is critical to understand! If you are taking acid reflux medications or other acid reducing over the counter products your stomach is not reaching the proper pH to digest proteins and specifically collagen!

The four main amino acids in collagen are: proline, glutamine, glycine, and arginine. Proline supports the integrity of the skin, hair, nails, and gut lining. It is used for tissue repair in the joints and arteries. 

Glutamine maintains muscle tissue and supports the gastrointestinal tract lining. It is essential for gut repair. It also plays a role in the methylation process in supporting the synthesis of glutathione. 

Glycine is one third of the protein found in collagen. It helps form muscle tissue and is found in the muscles, skin, and other tissue. One of its key roles is to convert glucose into usable energy. It also promotes detoxification and cleansing.

Arginine breaks down nitric oxide which is important for cardiovascular and arterial health. It improves vasodilation – the widening of arteries and the relaxation of muscle cells and blood vessels for better circulation. It helps to repair muscles, heal wounds, and supports proper growth and development.

There are at least 16 types of collagen in the human body. 80-90% of it is Types 1, 2, and 3. Type 1 is the most abundant and strongest in our bodies. It is found in tendons, ligaments, bones, skin, and various organs. It is used to form bones and support wound healing. The best source of Type 1 collagen is beef.

Type 2 collagen is the cartilage within our joints. It is the main collagen of our connective tissues. It supports gut healing and the immune system as well. The best sources of Type 2 collagen are chicken and turkey.

Type 3 collagen is in the extracellular matrix that comprises organs and skin. It provides the elasticity and firmness to the skin, and forms blood vessels and tissue within the heart. The best source of Type 3 collagen is beef.

While collagen is one of the ingredients in bone broth, we are also seeing many companies market collagen separate from bone broth. These are often called collagen peptides. These come from the hide of the cow, the scales of the fish, or the skin and beaks of chicken and turkey. 

We are seeing bone broth available in liquid form and powder (dehydrated form) as well. Collagen peptides are only in a powder form. All the powders can be added to a variety of liquids to consume. We are also seeing some companies combine protein powder (generally whey) with collagen or a bone broth protein powder combined with collagen.

It is becoming quite confusing with the vast array of products available in the market. My main piece of advice would be to make sure the products you are consuming come from organic, pastured and grass-fed animals or wild raised fish.  Like the meat of the animals, if the animals are not clean neither will their bones or skin and you will be consuming the traces of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and fungicides that are toxic to your body.

I am recommending my clients use a mixture of chicken, beef, and fish collagen so they can obtain a nice variety of collagen.

Bernard Rosen, PhD is a Nutrition Consultant and Educator. He works with individuals, groups, and at corporations to create individualized nutrition and wellness programs. His office is in Mequon, WI. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, e-mail at, call (262) 389-9907 or go to

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September 2017 Newsletter: Getting Rid of Unwanted Guests, Detoxification, and September Open House

As we begin the transition from Summer to Fall so follows this month’s newsletter. First is the follow up to last month’s article, What Not to Bring Home from Your Summer Vacation entitled Getting Rid of Unwanted Guests. This article takes a closer look at what may be causing your digestive upset and what to do about it.

The change of seasons is also a great time to change our own internal seasons with a detoxification or purification program featured in the second article.

Detoxification will be further explored at my Open House on September 14 at 7 PM – To Detox or Not, That is the Question.

Due to the overwhelming enthusiasm for the last three events, we have decided to hold this Open House “off campus.” We will be meeting at the American Legion Post 457, 6050 W. Mequon Road, Mequon (across from Piggly Wiggly). As always, we will feature wonderful and healthy food, including soup, salads, and gluten-free desserts. There are separate emails with more information and special offers including discounts on detoxification programs, bone broth protein powders, and RXBARs.

Getting Rid of Unwanted Guests

Last month, we learned why sometimes our digestion does not seem quite right and how we are exposed to and host all sorts of unwanted “guests” within our own bodies. Lots of times when the doctor cannot determine what is wrong with you or they tell you it is in your head, it may likely be these unwanted “guests” – parasites, yeast/fungi/mold, viruses, or bacteria that are taking over your body and creating a variety of symptoms.

This is all fine and good, but several questions remain. First, how do I know if a “guest” is the underlying cause of the symptoms? Second, what type of “guest” is it? And third, how do I get rid of it? All these are critical questions.

It is important to be aware of other causes of digestive distress which fall into three categories: food allergies/sensitivities, structural issues in the digestive tract, and ongoing emotional stress.

For the rest of the article click here:

To Detox or Not, That is the Question

The other day I came across an alarming study. It showed that 287 toxins were found in the blood of newborn babies. One of them was a breakdown product of DDT, the pesticide that has been banned for over 40 years! Toxins enter our environment from a variety of sources and unfortunately, they can remain there for decades. These toxins enter our body via the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and through our skin.

The basic problem we all face is that the world we were designed to live in has changed dramatically. Unfortunately, our bodies have not adapted fast enough to flush out the numerous man-made chemicals, toxins, and pollutants that are present in our daily lives.

Curious about your personal level of toxicity? Click here:

Getting rid of these toxins will help you live a longer, healthier life. This detoxification can boost your immune system, clear your mind, balance your hormones, reduce your body fat, and much more.

All detoxification programs are not created equal. You want to be sure to select one that supports the body’s natural two phase detoxification process. This is accomplished providing the nutrients needed to support and balance Phase I and Phase II metabolic pathways.

Come to our Open House on September 14 and learn all about it!

I will be featuring the VegeCleanse-Plus 14 Day Detoxification Program, the Standard Process 21 Day Purification Program, a Gut Detoxification program, and a gallbladder cleanse.

Success Stories

I thought I’d share a couple of recent success stories with you.

Hi Bernie,

After a full blossoming flush eruption in my mouth all day yesterday, I woke up to smooth cheeks! I think we’re making progress and thought you’d care to know ;-)

Thanks for your help and I look forward to my next meeting with you.

Thanks very much for sending this, Bernie. I look forward to reading it and sharing with others!

Our family really appreciates all of your help. [Name] has been doing great and your reassuring, thoughtful approach has helped me as well.